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We’re more than just mortgage brokers that help home owners secure the best home loans; we’re your dedicated partners in navigating the complex world of finance. Based right here on the Sunshine Coast, our family-owned brokerage is committed to empowering local businesses and families with tailored financial solutions. Our expertise spans a broad range of finance products and services, ensuring we can meet your unique needs with precision and care. Whether you’re a first time home buyer, looking for an investment property, or you’re self employed, with Loanright, you gain a team that to help you secure the right home loan options while valuing your financial growth and community well-being, making your dreams our mission.

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Our Promise As Sunshine Coast’s #1 Mortgage Brokerage

Loanright stands as Sunshine Coast’s premier mortgage brokerage, distinguished by our unwavering commitment to your financial success. Our promise is rooted in our unique ability to offer a wide array of financial solutions, tailored to diverse customer needs. From fast approvals to exceptional communication, our experienced team ensures a seamless journey across all our asset finance services. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned investor, our personalised approach guarantees the right fit for your financial landscape.

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Sunshine Coast Locals Supporting Sunshine Coast Locals

Embedded in the heart of the Sunshine Coast, Loanright is located in Mooloolaba and embodies the spirit of the community. Our core values include family, growth, and community, and are the bedrock of our mission to support the local economy. Aiming to be the local experts and best mortgage brokers in Sunshine Coast, we understand that small businesses and families are the lifeblood of our community. As locals ourselves, we share in the joys and challenges of our clients, committed to nurturing the financial strength that sustains our vibrant local economy.

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Documents to provide to the lender

The documents required for your loan application will vary from Bank to Bank and will depend on the type of loan you’re applying for. The following list will give you an idea of the minimum requirements for most banks and loan types.

  • Personal Identification: This is a cornerstone of the application process, ensuring your security and authenticity. Generally a driver’s licence and medicare card will do the trick.
  • Proof of Income: Depending on your employment type, this may include things payslips and/or Tax Returns.
  • Statements: The bank will want to verify your savings and expenses from your statements. We can provide a link to authorise your bank to send us all your recent statements in one go.
  • Commitments: Banks will want to verify your other loan commitments to make sure you can continue to afford these as well.
  • Proof of property ownership: If you’ve signed a contract to buy a property, then we’ll need to send this along with your application. A valuation will usually suffice for any existing properties you hold. Don’t worry, we can arrange this for you.

Document requirements are always specific to the Applicant’s own circumstances, purchase property and any available government incentives. We’ll give you a complete list that is specific to your application so that nothing gets missed.

The Mortgage Broking Process – What to Expect:

  • Discovering Your Needs: Our journey begins with understanding your unique aspirations and challenges, ensuring our advice is perfectly aligned with your life goals. We’ll ask a little about your financial position and employment so that we can make sure that your financial goals are also a possibility.
  • Collecting Your Information We gather essential financial details, treating your data with the utmost confidentiality and respect.
  • The Game Plan: Together, we craft a tailored strategy, selecting the best products to meet your objectives. We’ll make sure that this also aligns with bank lending guidelines, we’ll calculate any bridging finance and stamp duty required, so that you have the best possible chance of pre-approval.
  • Submitting Your Application: We handle the complexities of application submission, keeping you informed every step of the way.
  • Approval: Time to dust off that fancy bottle of champagne you’ve been hiding. It’s time to celebrate, and we’ll be celebrating with you.
  • Settlement: As your application crosses the finish line, we’ll manage your documentation and work with your solicitor to ensure a smooth transition to the next phase in your financial life.
  • Where to next? Whether this is your first loan or one of many since you began your financial journey, it’s likely this won’t be your last. We’ll check in regularly to make sure your loans continue to match your ever-changing needs and be here to help you execute the next steps in your financial plan.

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Our Finance Brokers Support You Through The Process

When you’re applying for your loan, the whole finance process can be overwhelming. So here’s how we keep things simple for you.

  • Personalised Guidance: Our expertise spans both consumer and commercial sectors, ensuring bespoke advice for every financial product and service.
  • Continuous Education: We demystify the finance world, providing insights and resources to enhance your understanding of financial concepts and strategies. They say that ‘Knowledge is Power’, and we want to put the power in your hands, placing you in the driver’s seat on your journey to financial freedom.
  • Responsive Support: Our team is always on hand, ensuring you feel heard, supported, and valued throughout your finance journey.
  • Strategic Partnerships: We collaborate with your financial advisors, ensuring cohesive strategies that propel you toward your goals.
  • Celebrating Your Success: Your achievements are our triumphs; we celebrate each milestone with you, reinforcing our commitment to your financial future.

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Loan Advice To Grow Wealth With Property Investment

At Loanright, we’re dedicated to more than just securing loans; we’re committed to your wealth creation journey. By collaborating closely with your accountants and financial planners, we craft the right mortgage strategies that not only meet your current needs, but also set the foundation for lasting financial freedom. Our holistic approach ensures that every financial decision aligns with your broader life goals. After all, you’ll want to enjoy some of this along the way too.


Why Use A QLD Mortgage Broker?

Choosing Loanright as your Queensland mortgage broker means embarking on a financial journey with a dedicated partner who values your individuality and long-term success. Unlike traditional banks, we offer a personalised experience, access to a vast range of products, and a commitment to being there for you through every financial season. As part of the Sunshine Coast community, your success is our success, and we celebrate every step forward with you.


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Customer Reviews & Comments

Instead of talking our finance brokerage up, read our customer reviews. This is a direct feed from our Google business reviews, so you know it’s 100% genuine.

Nicholas Hopkins

Luke and his fantastic team will take care of everything, An honourable mention to Deb Moss for meeting me at 6 am at a BP station to sign docs on here day off to enable me to get the house I had been chasing for months. Ledgends. Have dealt with Luke and his team before and will use them again and again their service is second to none.

Thea Hambuechen

It has been a pleasure dealing with Luke and his team. During the process Alicia and Shayna have been very informative and kept in contact regularly to make sure we knew what was happening every step of the way! We will definitely be using Loanright in the future and highly recommend. Thank you again for helping us purchase our first home.

Tim McGary

OMG!! These guys are next level good. They have just settled our new home loan and we had another guy that took 4 weeks and did nothing. We then called these guys after a friend said they were amazing. They got us a home loan approved from start to finish in 35 days and I have just been released from a personal bankruptcy a few months back. We were unconditional on our purchase contract by the time we met these guys so they had to do everything perfectly and super quick. They did it with ease and the customer service and follow up and friendly attitude was totally incredible. I couldn’t recommend them anymore if I tried.

Cassie McKee

Luke and Shayna were awesome during the process of us buying our first home. So many things can be confusing during the process for first time and they were always happy to talk us through things no matter how small. Held our hand through the process and were able to get us into our first home. Very glad we found them. Highly recommend Loanright

Tegan Shingles

Sam & Shayna have been fantastic throughout my whole processing of purchasing my new home. No question went unanswered and both have always been a pleasure to talk to.

Felipe Prado

We trust the Team at Loanright with our financial guidance. Throughout the whole process they make sure you are informed in time, accurately and with all the transparency you could ask for. It really sets you at ease that they have your best interest in mind. Their customer service is prestine and always available for you to ask any questions you may have. Thank you Loanright Team!

Kimberley Priest

Have had the best experience working with these guys to purchase our investment property. Great application system, so quick and easy, and all questions answered promptly along the way. Highly recommend!

Adrian Chrisanthou

Thanks so much Brett for your professionalism and tenacity in regards to getting my deal done with loanright. I look forward doing business with you in the future as I found the experience seemless and timely. Keep up the great work Brett and team

Rosalyn Taylor

Brett and Alicia were a fantastic team to work with. Efficient, knowledgeable and supportive. They made the process so much easier than it could have been. Highly recommend!

Alyshia Judd

I had a fantastic experience with Alicia. Super friendly, warm and knowledgeable 10/10.

Daniel O’Dea

Brett and Alicia came highly recommended from a work colleague. I had previously gone through a pre approval process with another broker (which will remain unnamed). The difference was night and day. Being a first home buyer I had no idea what I was doing. Both Brett and Alicia were so accomodating and answered all my silly questions and walked me through EVERYTHING step by step. We had my pre approval through in about a quarter of the time of the last brokers!! Once I found the home I wanted to buy it was literally the easiest thing in the world. They will be getting all my business.

Mellissa Lambert

We’ve used the expertise of Luke, Shayna and the Loanright team on two separate occasions now, I must say their service is second to none and they get the job done In record time. No question was too silly, they always have time for us. Would use again and recommend in a heart beat to anyone else needing brokerage assistance. Many thanks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find the Best Mortgage Broker on the Sunshine Coast?

To find an expert mortgage broker on the Sunshine Coast, start with personal recommendations and check each broker’s credentials, ensuring they’re licensed and possibly affiliated with professional bodies like the MFAA or FBAA. Look for a broker with a deep understanding of the local property market and a wide network of lending institutes to ensure they can tailor loan options to your specific needs. Online reviews and testimonials can offer insights into their service quality and client satisfaction. Communication is key, so choose a broker who speaks your language, makes complex terms accessible, and keeps you in the loop. A brief consultation can help determine their suitability by assessing their responsiveness to your needs and their overall approach. The right broker for you will listen, understand your goals, and show a genuine commitment to helping you achieve them.

Why use a Broker instead of a Bank?

Choosing a broker over a bank for your mortgage can offer several advantages. Brokers have access to a wide range of loan products from multiple lending organisations in Australia, giving you more options to find a loan that best fits your unique financial situation and needs. They work for you, not the banks, providing personalised, unbiased advice to help you make informed decisions. Brokers can also save you time and hassle by handling the loan application process and negotiating with lenders on your behalf. Their expertise in navigating complex loan terms and conditions can help secure more favourable loan terms and rates. Additionally, brokers often have flexibility to meet outside of standard bank hours, offering convenience and a more personalised service.”

How much does a mortgage broker cost?

Typically, using a mortgage broker doesn’t cost you anything because they are paid by the lender once your loan settles. It’s important to note that reputable brokers are transparent about their commission structures and will disclose any fees or commissions they receive. In some cases, especially for more complex or commercial loans, a broker might charge a fee for their services, which should be clearly communicated to you at the outset. Always confirm the cost structure with your broker during your initial consultation to ensure there are no surprises.

How do I thank my Mortgage Broker for doing such a great job?

We’ve put this in here for a laugh. However, while most of us enjoy a good bottle of wine, the best way to thank us for a job well done is to refer us to your friends and family.

Why should I use a mortgage broker?

If you go directly to the bank for a home loan, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be getting the best mortgage deal available to you. A broker finds you the best rates, negotiates with the banks and prepares your documentation on your behalf, at no cost to you.

How much could I save by using a mortgage broker?

Mortgage Brokers can save you thousands over the term of your home loan. Good mortgage brokers will review your financial position every few years and refinance you, so you’re always on the very best rates.

What’s the advantage of using a Sunshine Coast Mortgage Broker?

If your mortgage broker is local, you can rely on them to understand the neighbourhood you’re purchasing property in. Often, the banks or lenders won’t have the local insights that brokers do, and home loan brokers tend to negotiate with this knowledge on your behalf. There are many other benefits, and one of them is professional service and convenience. Whether you’re located in Maroochydore, Noosa Heads, Coolum, Caloundra, or Palmwoods, our team is happy to visit you at your home, your place of work, or your favourite cafe.

How do mortgage brokers get paid?

Mortgage brokers get commissions or fees from the banks and lending facilities once your application is successful. There’s an initial payout, but also a trail of passive income. There’s no incentive for a broker to choose any particular bank, but there’s a large incentive to keep you as a customer for the entire term of the loan, and thereafter, meaning that mortgage Brokers get you the best rates and conditions so you’ll choose them for your next loan.

How many lenders do you compare and find mortgage rates for at once?

We have a panel of 100+ lending partners in Australia, including banks and 3rd tier lending institutes that have different risk criteria.

Are mortgage brokers regulated in Queensland?

Yes! Mortgage brokers are regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commision. They adhere to ethical and professional standards set by ASIC, and they must always act in the best interest of the consumer.

Can a mortgage broker guarantee loan approval?

No, but if the banks say no, brokers can help you improve your position over-time, to a point where certain lending facilities could say yes.

What if I can’t afford the repayments & need to refinance?

The good news is that Australian lenders will only lend to you if you can afford the repayments. They stress-test your income versus expenses against a higher interest rate, just to be sure. If refinancing is required, potentially saving thousands in the future, it’s no problem. There’s often a way to restructure your payments to make the repayments more manageable.

Do you have specialist investment property finance brokers?

Yes, we do, in both the commercial and residential sectors. We have the best loan options across Australia for investment properties and self managed super funds.

How do I know you’ll give me the best options & find the right deal for my financial situation?

We can show you the comparison results and offers from all lenders. Usually we just show you the best three, but if you’d like more detail, that’s absolutely fine.

Will I be teamed up with a local mortgage broker, or someone in a different city?

Our team is located right here on the Sunshine Coast, in Mooloolaba, but you’ll access the best rate and we’ll find the best deal across Australia.

How does Loanright stack up against Mortgage Choice?

All of our competitors are slightly different in the service offerings and skill-sets. What we can say is that Loanright has a wide range of finance solutions, a large friendly team who can offer expert advice on niche products, such as car loans, equipment finance and property loans. Plus, we’re hard working, Queensland locals. We’re not a franchise, and we’ve been securing the best rates and fees in the Sunny Coast for over 30 years.

Get In Touch With A Broker Near You

If you’d like more information about how to use finance to grow your business, then reach out and our commercial finance team will happily assist. Whether you’re in the market for vehicle finance, or specialist equipment, we have 100+ lending partners to choose from. You’ll be tapping into Australia’s largest network of banks and lenders.

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