Mortgage Brokers For Self Employed Home Loans

We’re not just brokers for self employed mortgages; we’re specialists in turning the dreams of homeownership for local business owners into reality. We know the ins and outs of what banks and lenders look for, and we use this knowledge to your advantage. Our expertise means we can navigate the complexities of self-employed lending with ease, ensuring you receive the best possible advice and best home loans for self employed loans, tailored just for you.

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Mortgage Brokers That Specialise In Self-Employed Lending

We’re not just brokers; we’re specialists in turning the dreams of homeownership for local business owners into reality. We know the ins and outs of what banks and lenders look for, and we use this knowledge to your advantage. Our expertise means we can navigate the complexities of self-employed lending with ease, ensuring you receive the best possible advice and loan options tailored just for you.

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Sunshine Coast Brokers Supporting Sunshine Coast Business Owners

From Noosa to Caloundra, and every coastal gem in between, Loanright is your local Sunshine Coast partner in the journey toward owning your dream home. Our roots in the community, combined with our extensive network of lenders, empower us to get the job done efficiently and effectively. We’re committed to securing not just a loan, but the right loan for you.

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Sunshine Coast Sharing Their Finance Journey With Loanright


Documents For Your Lender

When it comes time to apply for your home loan, here’s a list of documents you should expect to provide.

  • ID Provide at least one government-issued photo ID, such as a passport or driver’s license. This is essential to verify your identity and prevent fraud. Ensure your ID is current and clearly shows your full name, photo, and signature.
  • Tax Returns and Financial Statements Generally, banks will require at least your most recent personal and business tax returns, along with financial statements. These documents offer a comprehensive view of your income and financial health, crucial for lenders to assess your loan eligibility and repayment capacity.
  • Statements The bank will want to verify your savings and expenses from your statements. We can provide a link to authorise your bank to send us all your recent statements in one go.
  • Business Registration and Licenses Depending on the industry you operate in, special products may be available with the provision of licences and certificates of registration with applicable industry bodies.
  • Proof of Assets and Liabilities Share documents detailing your current assets (like savings accounts, investments, and other properties) and liabilities (such as existing loans and credit card debts). A clear picture of your assets and liabilities helps lenders gauge your net worth and financial management skills.

Document requirements are always specific to the Applicant’s own circumstances, purchase property and any available government incentives. We’ll give you a complete list that is specific to your application, so that nothing gets missed.


The Mortgage Broking Process

  • Discovering your needs: We’ll set up an intial chat over the phone to get a good feel for wher’re you’re at financially, what you’re tying to achieve today, and what this might look like in the future
  • Collecting information: We’ll send you a short checklist of the items we’ll need to assess your options. Come up with a lending solution that best suits your needs.
  • The Game Plan: During your game plan meeting, we’ll step through the pros and cons of each of the options available, taking into account your current and future needs and objectives. By the end of this meeting, you’ll have the knowledge you need to make an educated decision on the best loan product and lending structure for you.
  • Submitting Your Application: We’ll submit your home loan application directly to the bank’s credit team and liaise with their analysts for anything else they may need to approve your loan.
  • Settlement: Before settlement can occur, you’ll need to sign your loan contract and make sure any required government grants and concessions have been approved. We’ll liaise with the banks and your conveyancer to make sure these are ready to go.
  • Your future: This may or may not be your first Home Loan, but chances are it won’t be your last. We’ll stick with you as your financial position grows and mak sure your loan product continues to align with your ever-changing needs, objectives, and financial position.

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Specialised Support For Self-Employed Applicants

  • Understanding Your Unique Financial Landscape: We take the time to understand your business’s cash flow, tax deductions, and financial statements to present your financial situation in the best light to lenders.
  • Tailored Loan Options: Recognising that one size doesn’t fit all, especially for self employed mortgages, we handpick loan options that offer flexibility and favourable terms suited to your unique circumstances.
  • Simplified Documentation Process: We know paperwork can be daunting. Our team assists in simplifying the documentation process, guiding you on exactly what’s needed to make your application as strong as possible.
  • Expert Guidance Through Every Step: From initial consultation to final approval, we’re with you every step of the way, offering clear, understandable advice to demystify the lending process.
  • Unwavering Support and Advocacy: As your advocates, we negotiate with lenders on your behalf, fighting to get you the best rates and terms, ensuring you feel supported and valued throughout your home loan journey.

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Helping Local Business Owners On Their Path To Financial Freedom

At Loanright, we champion the financial freedom of Sunshine Coast’s local business owners by collaborating closely with your accountant, ensuring your financial strategies are seamlessly aligned. Our expertise spans a wide array of lending solutions tailored to your business needs, from commercial property and equipment loans to cash flow lending, debtor finance, business acquisitions, and working capital support. As your strategic partners, we’re dedicated to structuring loans that not only meet your immediate needs but also foster long-term growth and stability, allowing you to focus on what you do best—running your business and achieving your dreams.


Why Self-Employed Specialist Mortgage Brokers Are Your Best Option

Choosing a Self-Employed Specialist Mortgage Broker can transform your property buying journey, especially when traditional paths seem less accessible. Our deep understanding of self-employed financial nuances allows us to tailor loan solutions precisely to your unique situation. We excel in translating your business’s financial story in a way that resonates with lenders, ensuring your application stands out. Our collaborative approach extends to working with your financial advisors, ensuring a seamless strategy that aligns with both your personal and business aspirations. With Loanright, secure a home loan that is not only meets your needs but also supports your journey towards financial success.


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Customer Reviews & Comments

Instead of talking our self employed broker specialists up, hear it direct from our customers. This is a direct feed from our public Google business reviews, so you know each review is 100% genuine.

Felipe Prado

We trust the Team at Loanright with our financial guidance. Throughout the whole process they make sure you are informed in time, accurately and with all the transparency you could ask for. It really sets you at ease that they have your best interest in mind. Their customer service is prestine and always available for you to ask any questions you may have. Thank you Loanright Team!

Alyshia Judd

I had a fantastic experience with Alicia. Super friendly, warm and knowledgeable 10/10.

Tegan Shingles

Sam & Shayna have been fantastic throughout my whole processing of purchasing my new home. No question went unanswered and both have always been a pleasure to talk to.

Ashley Pearce

Luke and the team helped us with a refinance and we couldn’t be happier with the result. I would highly recommend the Loanright team to anyone.

Nicholas Hopkins

Luke and his fantastic team will take care of everything, An honourable mention to Deb Moss for meeting me at 6 am at a BP station to sign docs on here day off to enable me to get the house I had been chasing for months. Ledgends. Have dealt with Luke and his team before and will use them again and again their service is second to none.

Adrian Chrisanthou

Thanks so much Brett for your professionalism and tenacity in regards to getting my deal done with loanright. I look forward doing business with you in the future as I found the experience seemless and timely. Keep up the great work Brett and team

Thea Hambuechen

It has been a pleasure dealing with Luke and his team. During the process Alicia and Shayna have been very informative and kept in contact regularly to make sure we knew what was happening every step of the way! We will definitely be using Loanright in the future and highly recommend. Thank you again for helping us purchase our first home.

Cassie McKee

Luke and Shayna were awesome during the process of us buying our first home. So many things can be confusing during the process for first time and they were always happy to talk us through things no matter how small. Held our hand through the process and were able to get us into our first home. Very glad we found them. Highly recommend Loanright

Tim McGary

OMG!! These guys are next level good. They have just settled our new home loan and we had another guy that took 4 weeks and did nothing. We then called these guys after a friend said they were amazing. They got us a home loan approved from start to finish in 35 days and I have just been released from a personal bankruptcy a few months back. We were unconditional on our purchase contract by the time we met these guys so they had to do everything perfectly and super quick. They did it with ease and the customer service and follow up and friendly attitude was totally incredible. I couldn’t recommend them anymore if I tried.

Rosalyn Taylor

Brett and Alicia were a fantastic team to work with. Efficient, knowledgeable and supportive. They made the process so much easier than it could have been. Highly recommend!

Daniel O’Dea

Brett and Alicia came highly recommended from a work colleague. I had previously gone through a pre approval process with another broker (which will remain unnamed). The difference was night and day. Being a first home buyer I had no idea what I was doing. Both Brett and Alicia were so accomodating and answered all my silly questions and walked me through EVERYTHING step by step. We had my pre approval through in about a quarter of the time of the last brokers!! Once I found the home I wanted to buy it was literally the easiest thing in the world. They will be getting all my business.

Mellissa Lambert

We’ve used the expertise of Luke, Shayna and the Loanright team on two separate occasions now, I must say their service is second to none and they get the job done In record time. No question was too silly, they always have time for us. Would use again and recommend in a heart beat to anyone else needing brokerage assistance. Many thanks.

Self Employed Financing FAQs

What do I need to qualify for a self-employed home loan?

To qualify for a self-employed home loan, lenders typically require you to have traded for at least 2 years and provide tax returns and financial statements for at least 1 full tax year. Additionally, you may need to provide your Notice of Assessment (NOA) from the ATO, bank statements, and proof of your business’ stability and profitability. Each lender has different criteria, so it’s essential to prepare comprehensive documentation that accurately reflects your financial health.

How is my income assessed by lenders?

Lenders assess self-employed income by examining your tax returns, financial statements, and other relevant documentation to understand your earnings stability and business viability. They often look at your net income after expenses but may also consider add-backs like depreciation, one-off expenses, or large non-recurring costs to get a clearer picture of your actual earning capacity. In some cases, traditional income verification may not be favourable, and a ‘Low Doc Loan’ may be more suitable. Income for low doc loans is generally assessed using BAS statements and/or an accountant’s declaration reflecting your current earnings.

Can I get a home loan if I’ve been self-employed for less than two years?

Yes. While many lenders prefer a minimum of two years of self-employment history, some may consider applicants with less, especially if you have a strong financial profile, previous industry experience, or your business has shown significant growth and potential in a short period. A Self-Employed Specialist mortgage broker will have access to bank lending teams that care more aobut your business than just the duration of your trading history.

What types of loans are available for self-employed individuals?

Self-employed individuals have access to various loan types, including traditional fixed and variable rate loans, low-doc loans for those with limited documentation, and loans specifically designed for business owners that consider cash flow and business equity. Each has its criteria, benefits, and rates, tailored to accommodate the diverse needs of self-employed borrowers.

Can I increase my home loan to repay tax debt?

Increasing your home loan to cover tax debt is possible through refinancing, allowing you to potentially benefit from lower interest rates and simplified payments. Approval depends on your equity, credit history, and lender criteria. While this can offer immediate financial relief, it’s important to consider the long-term effects, such as extended loan terms or increased interest costs. Consulting with mortgage brokers for self employed home loans can help ensure this strategy aligns with your financial objectives. Consolidation of ATO debt into your home loan is not acceptable to all lenders and, in some cases, a business loan may be more suitable. As business lending specialists, we can help you with this as well.

What tips can help self-employed individuals improve their chances of getting a home loan?

It’s not all about your net profit or taxable income. A Self-Employed Home Loan Specialist Mortgage broker will be able to look at the unique structure, cash flows and financials and work with your Accountant to make sure your income verification documents are conducive to the best lending result. We know what the banks are looking for and will help you plan for the best possible lending outcome.

What’s the minimum trading history required for self-employed home loans?

Typically, Australian lenders require self-employed individuals to have a trading history of at least two years. However, some third-tire lenders consider applicants with a shorter trading history. It’s likely that you’ll pay higher interest rates for this, but we can finance after the two-year period is complete for better terms.

How do mortgage brokers for self employed loans get paid?

Mortgage brokers for self employed loans get commissions or fees from the lenders once your application is successful. There’s an initial payout, but also a trail of passive income. There’s no incentive for a broker to choose any particular bank, but there’s a large incentive to keep you as a customer for the entire term of the loan, and thereafter, meaning that our team aspire for the best home loans for self employed people, available in Australia. We get you the best rates and conditions so you’ll choose them for your next loan.

How many lenders do you compare at once?

We have a panel of 100+ lenders in Australia, including banks and 3rd tier lenders that have different risk criteria.

Are mortgage brokers regulated in Queensland?

Yes! Mortgage brokers are regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commision. They adhere to ethical and professional standards set by ASIC, and they must always act in the best interest of the consumer.

Can a mortgage broker guarantee loan approval?

No, but if the lenders say no, the broker can help you improve your position over-time, to a point where certain lenders could say yes.

What if I can’t afford the repayments & need to refinance?

The good news is that Australian lenders will only lend to you if you can afford the repayments. They stress-test your income versus expenses against a higher interest rate, just to be sure. If refinancing is required, in the future it’s no problem. There’s often a way to restructure your payments to make the repayments more manageable.

Do you have specialist investment property finance brokers?

Yes, we do, in both the commercial and residential sectors. We have the best loan options across Australia for investment properties.

How do I know you’ll give me the best options & find the right deal for my financial situation?

We can show you the comparison results and offers from all lenders. Usually we just show you the best three, but if you’d like more detail, that’s absolutely fine.

Will I be teamed up with a local mortgage broker, or someone in a different city?

Our team is located right here on the Sunshine Coast, in Mooloolaba, but you’ll access the best rate and we’ll find the best deal across Australia.

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