Cash Flow Finance

Every business experiences cash flow concerns at some point, so when you need capital fast, ask us about cash flow finance.

Cash flow finance allows you to borrow funds based on your expected cash flow. Most cash flow finance options take into account your business’ accounts outstanding and other working capital or assets.

Cash flow finance can assist you to:

  • Pay for unexpected bills, urgent repairs or maintenance
  • Invest in vehicles or equipment (see equipment finance)
  • Pay for increased wages during a busy period (eg. Christmas or EOFY)
  • Purchase additional stock
  • Invest in marketing campaigns
  • Expand your business – fund your growth!

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Cash Flow Finance Includes:

Business overdraft assistance, debtor financing from your accounts receivable & line of credit options.

Business Loan Overdraft Assistance

Overdrafts are linked to your business transaction account and are a good option if you have ongoing cash flow fluctuations. Generally, with an overdraft, you are approved for up to $500,000 and only pay interest on the funds you use.

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Invoice Debtor Finance

Debtor Finance turns your outstanding invoices into immediate cash that you can reinvest into your business. If your business has a long working capital cycle, you may be able to use your accounts receivable ledger as collateral to release the cash owed to you. Read more…

Line Of Credit Finance Options

A line of credit has similar features to a credit card. However, it is usually secured to an asset, such as a commercial or residential property.

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Our Business Finance Brokers Are Your Advocates


  • Comparison and Choice

    There are hundreds of car loan products available for both businesses and individuals, so why would you limit yourself to what your bank has available? As Finance Brokers, we listen to you to understand YOUR needs, then we compare a variety of car loan products available from Australia’s leading lending institutions.

  • Keep Competition Alive

    We work with multiple lenders to keep competition alive.

    If Finance Brokers were not in business, competition and choice in the car loan industry would decline. Bank power and the risk of higher interest rates would increase, leaving Australians to pay the price.

  • Stress-free Process

    Once we’ve established which car loan suits your needs, we’ll get to work on your application, complete all the paperwork, and submit it to the bank on your behalf. Our aim is to save you time and stress, and to get things moving as quickly as possible so you can pick up your new wheels sooner.

  • With You For Life

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    If you deal with one of our brokers today, they will be here for your next big financial event.



Understanding Cash Flow Finance.
The Process & Cash Flow Management

Getting a cash flow statement from your accountant is definitely a good start, but projecting cash is only an educated guess and can often miss surprise expenses that can put you a business owner in to the red. Having positive cash flow means you won’t have to handle receivables calls from angry suppliers, you won’t incur supplier penalties, and having a business lending facility will allow you to focus on productivity.

It all starts with;


  • Initial Chat: We’ll start with a detailed chat to find out what makes your business tick. What are your business goals? What does your cash flow look like? And what is your financial position?
  • Collect your information: We’ll then send you a small checklist and some links to provide the information we need to analyze your options
  • Discuss the options: Next, we’ll show you our findings and discuss the pros and cons of the options available. This may include cash flow modeling and the effects of loan costs on your P&L.
  • Apply for the loan: Once you’ve decided exactly what limit, product, and structure you would prefer, we’ll get to work on arranging your approval.
  • Draw down: Draw downs for Invoice finance work a little different from most other loan types, as you’ll draw your loan down each time you create an invoice. Once your invoice is paid by the debtor, a portion of your loan is paid back. This cycle continues until such time that you no longer require the facility.

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Free Cash Flow With Invoice Financing Solutions

So here’s how we keep things simple for you.

  • Since Invoice Finance is an un-regulated finance product and security is taken over the invoices themselves, the application process is usually pretty simple. We have extensive experience in these types of cash flow loans and will make sure we take your loan to a lender that wants to work with you. It’s important not to overuse this facility. Please make sure you’re having a cash flow statement created by your accountant to ensure you’re minimising interest rate costs.
  • Invoice Finance is a unique loan product related to your accounts receivables. While it has its benefits, it also comes with very different fee structures. It’s important not to increase business expenses, so we’ll make sure you have a good understanding of all rates and fees, so that you can factor the costs into your business.
  • Once your business cash facility is approved, your accounts team will need some guidance on how to manage the invoices, make repayments and draw funds down from your facility. We’ll make sure they have all the help they need so that payments aren’t missed, and you can focus on running your business.
  • Invoice cash flow finance is often seen as one of the short-term business financing options. If your business is profitable, then it’s only a matter of time before your working capital catches up with your cash flow requirements and closes the cash flow gaps. We’ll be here to analyse the numbers with you and make sure your business is comfortable without the facility before you finalise the loan.

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How Can Cash Flow Loans Help With Business Growth?

A finance facility for freeing cash clow can provide an almost immediate working capital injection for your business. This may be used to fund new jobs, clear ATO debt for future loan applications, buying stock, or covering wages. Working capital requirements are often quite high for rapidly growing businesses. If your business is growing fast, it may be worth chatting with us to see if these types of finance are a good solution for you.


Why Work With Business Lending Brokers?

Financing activities to free a company’s cash flow requires a deep understanding of lenders, their options to help, fees and charges. Some banks offer cash flow lending but banks usually require full vision on your trading figures and will generally want to hold property as security. At Loanright, we access to non-bank lenders, as well as banks, who work specifically in the Invoice Financing space. Their approval process is much faster than traditional lenders. They won’t want to use your property as security, and their systems and processes are set up specifically to make sure that the ongoing management of your drawdowns and payments is smooth and simple. You don’t necessarily pay more for these lenders, and you don’t have to provide confidential information, property or equipment to access the funds.


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Customer Reviews & Comments

Hear what our customers have to say about us. This is a live feed from our Google business reviews, so you know each comment and rating is 100% genuine.

Kimberley Priest

Have had the best experience working with these guys to purchase our investment property. Great application system, so quick and easy, and all questions answered promptly along the way. Highly recommend!

Felipe Prado

We trust the Team at Loanright with our financial guidance. Throughout the whole process they make sure you are informed in time, accurately and with all the transparency you could ask for. It really sets you at ease that they have your best interest in mind. Their customer service is prestine and always available for you to ask any questions you may have. Thank you Loanright Team!

Tim McGary

OMG!! These guys are next level good. They have just settled our new home loan and we had another guy that took 4 weeks and did nothing. We then called these guys after a friend said they were amazing. They got us a home loan approved from start to finish in 35 days and I have just been released from a personal bankruptcy a few months back. We were unconditional on our purchase contract by the time we met these guys so they had to do everything perfectly and super quick. They did it with ease and the customer service and follow up and friendly attitude was totally incredible. I couldn’t recommend them anymore if I tried.

Alyshia Judd

I had a fantastic experience with Alicia. Super friendly, warm and knowledgeable 10/10.

Thea Hambuechen

It has been a pleasure dealing with Luke and his team. During the process Alicia and Shayna have been very informative and kept in contact regularly to make sure we knew what was happening every step of the way! We will definitely be using Loanright in the future and highly recommend. Thank you again for helping us purchase our first home.

Adrian Chrisanthou

Thanks so much Brett for your professionalism and tenacity in regards to getting my deal done with loanright. I look forward doing business with you in the future as I found the experience seemless and timely. Keep up the great work Brett and team

Mellissa Lambert

We’ve used the expertise of Luke, Shayna and the Loanright team on two separate occasions now, I must say their service is second to none and they get the job done In record time. No question was too silly, they always have time for us. Would use again and recommend in a heart beat to anyone else needing brokerage assistance. Many thanks.

Nicholas Hopkins

Luke and his fantastic team will take care of everything, An honourable mention to Deb Moss for meeting me at 6 am at a BP station to sign docs on here day off to enable me to get the house I had been chasing for months. Ledgends. Have dealt with Luke and his team before and will use them again and again their service is second to none.

Rosalyn Taylor

Brett and Alicia were a fantastic team to work with. Efficient, knowledgeable and supportive. They made the process so much easier than it could have been. Highly recommend!

Daniel O’Dea

Brett and Alicia came highly recommended from a work colleague. I had previously gone through a pre approval process with another broker (which will remain unnamed). The difference was night and day. Being a first home buyer I had no idea what I was doing. Both Brett and Alicia were so accomodating and answered all my silly questions and walked me through EVERYTHING step by step. We had my pre approval through in about a quarter of the time of the last brokers!! Once I found the home I wanted to buy it was literally the easiest thing in the world. They will be getting all my business.

Tegan Shingles

Sam & Shayna have been fantastic throughout my whole processing of purchasing my new home. No question went unanswered and both have always been a pleasure to talk to.

Cassie McKee

Luke and Shayna were awesome during the process of us buying our first home. So many things can be confusing during the process for first time and they were always happy to talk us through things no matter how small. Held our hand through the process and were able to get us into our first home. Very glad we found them. Highly recommend Loanright


How much cash or working capital can I access?

The cash you can access is determined by your company’s expected cash flows.

Why do businesses use cash flow finance?

Cash flow finance products are used to run or grow your business.

Just a few ways cash flow finance can assist your business include:

Pay bills on time
Pay employee salaries
Purchase new equipment
Upgrade equipment
Prepare your inventory for peak season
Produce more goods so you can sell more

How do I apply for cash flow finance?

Give us a call today on 1800 115 626 or enquire online.

Request A Confidential Business Cash Flow Discussion

If you’d like more information about business cash flow relief without having to commit your time to a lengthy loan application, please reach out. We can book a confidential conversation, understand your financial goals, and then negotiate the best rates with lenders.

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