Melinda WategoCustomer Service Manager

With more than a decade of experience in management and customer service, Melinda is our solutions focused loan processor and admin manager.

Married with two boys and a golden retriever, Melinda is a busy mum, organisational superstar and an asset to our team.

Melinda has extensive experience in strategic planning, where she developed skills which are fundamental in managing and completing both the admin and loan processing tasks required at LoanRight.

A lover of checklists, you could say she is the Marie Kondo of our team and does not miss a beat when it comes to organising and ticking off documentation so that your loans are processed as efficiently as possible.

She could gather and analyse information in her sleep and is able to adapt to the ever-changing requirements of our lending partners to ensure the quickest turnaround on all loan approvals and settlements.

You may receive a call from Melinda if there are any documents outstanding or further information that we require to process your loan application.