Debtor Finance

Debtor Finance
Immediate Cash Flow Relief

Debtor finance can be a lifeline for business owners who find themselves in a temporary squeeze, but it can also be a permanent strategy that allows you to focus new revenues, rather than chasing old debts. We all experience the problem of unpaid invoices from time to time. The question is – how much negative energy are you putting into it, and is it worth your time?

How Debtor Finance Companies Work

Debtor finance companies will buy your aged receivables for a percentage of the dollar. They operate by knowing their success rates in collecting the monies owed, and of course they’re not emotionally involved in the transaction, which makes it an easier process. Loanright compares a range of debtor finance companies across Australia and brokers the very best rates, terms and conditions for you.

Invoice Finance For Immediate Cash

Also known as Invoice Finance, Debtor Finance turns your outstanding invoices into immediate cash that you can reinvest into your business. If your business has a long working capital cycle, you may be able to use your accounts receivable ledger as collateral to release the cash owed to you.

Upon approval, this convenient and flexible cash can be accessed as required. Perhaps you need to purchase new equipment, prepare your inventory for the upcoming season or produce and sell more goods? Don’t allow unpaid invoices to interrupt your business – access flexible cash with a Debtor Finance facility.

When it comes to Invoice finance, the cash you have access to is determined by, and grows with, your ledger. By comparison, a bank loan or overdraft facilities are usually limited by the amount of attached security.

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100+ Lending Facilities

We have 100+ lenders to choose from when considering the best invoice finance company to pair your business with. You’ll get the best rates and a service that assists you in the growth of your business.

Is Invoice Finance Right For Me?

Invoice financing isn’t right for every business. You’ll be only getting paid a % of the invoices due, because the debtor finance company needs to make a margin too. We negotiate for you, but you also need to consider the importance of the ongoing relationship with your clients, because the debtor finance facility will be firm, yet fair.

Stress-Free Process

The pros to Invoice Financing is that you’ll remove a negative part of doing business away from your environment. Once you’ve established a healthy relationship with the debtor finance facility, you’ll simply send the accounts and customer history, and they’ll transfer the money, usually within days.

We become your Finance Partner

As your Sunshine Coast brokerage, when we connect your business with a. finance facility, it’s not a set & forget scenario. We’ll regularly scan lenders to see if you can get better rates and conditions. We’re your advocate for everything finance-related & find the leverage you need to grow.


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