Debtor Finance

Immediate cash flow for your business – release the cash owed to you!

As business owners we all experience the problem of unpaid invoices from time to time. Some more often than others, depending on the industry you’re in and your invoice terms.

So how can you ensure this doesn’t put a strain on your cash flow and prevent your business from growing? A Debtor Finance solution could be the answer you’re looking for.

Also known as Invoice Finance, Debtor Finance turns your outstanding invoices into immediate cash that you can reinvest into your business. If your business has a long working capital cycle, you may be able to use your accounts receivable ledger as collateral to release the cash owed to you.

Upon approval this convenient and flexible cash can be accessed as required. Perhaps you need to purchase new equipment, prepare your inventory for the upcoming season or produce and sell more goods? Don’t allow unpaid invoices to interrupt your business – access flexible cash with a Debtor Finance solution.

When it comes to Debtor Finance, the cash you have access to is determined by and grows with your ledger. By comparison, a bank loan or an overdraft are usually limited by the amount of attached security.

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and Choice

As Finance Brokers we listen to you to understand YOUR needs, then we compare a variety of Debtor Finance products available from Australia’s leading lending institutions.

We’ll make sure you are matched with a solution that works for you.

Keep Competition Alive

We work with multiple lenders, to keep competition alive.

If Finance Brokers were not in business, competition and choice in the business loans arena would decline. Bank power and the risk of higher interest rates would increase, leaving Australian businesses to pay the price.

Stress-free Process

Once we’ve established which loan suits your needs, we’ll get to work on your application, complete all the paperwork and submit it to the bank on your behalf. Our aim is to save you time and stress, and to get things moving as quickly as possible so you can focus on running your business.

An extension of your business

We don’t just set you up with a loan and forget about you. Our goal is to get to know you and to become an extension of your business.

We’ll always be here to help you to secure market leading finance solutions. We’re only a phone call away and once we get to know your business, applying for future loans becomes even easier.


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