Medical Professional & Doctor Home Loans

Get special treatment with medico loans & Doctor home loans, provided by specialist lenders across Australia. In fact, it’s not just home loans, it’s also other financing where you’ll be given preferential rates. As a Medical professional, many banks and lenders see you as a safe borrower. They’ll provide you with special benefits and more favourable lending policies. whether it’s your first home or an investment property.

Doctors, Dentists, Surgeons, Specialists, General Practitioners, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Veterinarian, Optometrist, Obstetricians, Podiatrists, Allied Health Professionals, Complementary Medicine Practitioners and other self-employed health professionals may be able to access features when applying for a home loan, including:


What The Medical Profession & Doctors Get

  • Low deposit loan amounts
  • No deposit loans
  • Lenders Waive LMI – You don’t need to pay Lenders Mortgage Insurance
  • Only 6-months of self-employed income verification required
  • Lower Interest rates
  • Borrow up to 100 %
  • Dedicated Relationship Managers to assist with your day-to-day banking needs

Our experienced, Sunshine Coast-based brokers are here to help you to understand any benefits that may be available via Medico financing and Doctor home loans. You’ll get better conditions for many kinds of finance.

What Exactly are Medico Loans?

Medico Loans, a specialised offering in Australia, cater to the distinct financial needs of medical professionals, setting them apart from traditional or “normal” home loans. Medico Home Loans are designed to acknowledge the unique circumstances and earning potential of doctors, dentists, specialists, and other medical practitioners. Here’s how Medical Home Loans differ from regular home loans:

  • Specialised Eligibility Criteria: Medico Home Loans recognise the typically higher earning capacity and future income potential of medical professionals. Australian lenders may consider projected earnings when assessing eligibility, allowing for more favorable terms than people in other professions.
  • Higher Borrowing Limits: Due to the higher earning potential, Medico Home Loans may provide the opportunity for a higher borrowing limit compared to standard home loans. This enables medical professionals to secure properties that align with their professional and lifestyle aspirations.
  • Lower Deposit Requirements: Medical professionals often face delayed entry into the workforce due to extended education and training. To accommodate this, Medico Loans may offer reduced deposit requirements, making it easier for them to enter the property market sooner.
  • Flexible Repayment Structures: These loans may feature flexible repayment structures that align with the fluctuating income patterns of medical practitioners. This can include options for interest-only periods during times of lower income and stepped repayments that increase as income rises.
  • Tailored Interest Rates: Medico Home Loans might offer preferential interest rates to reflect the lower risk associated with professionals in a stable and high-demand field, potentially resulting in cost savings over the life of the loan.
  • Lender Understanding: Lenders offering Medico Home Loans have a deeper understanding of the medical industry, including its unique financial challenges. This understanding often translates into a more empathetic and personalised approach to the lending process.
  • Additional Benefits: But wait, there’s more! Some Medico Loans come with added benefits, such as professional packages that include fee waivers, not needing to pay LMI, offset accounts, and credit cards with special terms, enhancing the overall financial package.

In contrast, traditional home loans in Australia are designed for a broader range of borrowers and may not take into account the specific circumstances and earning potential of medical professionals. They typically follow more standardised eligibility criteria, deposit requirements, and repayment structures.

However, if you’re in the medical industry, you’ll be provided a pathway to achieve homeownership with greater ease, flexibility, and recognition of your unique financial profile.


Are Doctor Home Loans Different From Medico Loans?


No, although, Medico Loans are usually to assist medical professionals, such as doctors, dentists, and veterinarians, in various financial needs, outside of purchasing a home, whereas “doctor home loans” (also known as physician home loans) are specialised home loans for medical professionals.

Doctors Loans aren’t limited to just doctors. It’s just a phrase coined for financing the medical industry.

These finance options often come with specific benefits, such as lower down payments, relaxed credit score requirements, and sometimes even discounted interest rates.


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Medical Loans FAQ's

  • What are Doctor home loans?

    A Doctor home loan, also known as a physician mortgage or medic finance, in essence is giving medical professionals better rates than the general-public. It’s a home loan product for medical professionals, including doctors, dentists, and veterinarians. These loans cater to the unique financial circumstances and needs of healthcare professionals who are subject to casual contracts, relief work, and uncertainty of income.

  • Who is eligible for a doctor loan in Australia?

    Typically licensed Australian medical professionals. For example, doctors (GPs and specialists), dentists, veterinarians, surgeons, and some other healthcare professionals are eligible for doctor home loans.

  • How much can I borrow with a doctor loan?

    The borrowing capacity for a doctor loan depends on your income, employment status, contract type, credit history, property value, purchase price, and the lender’s criteria. Generally, medical and doctor loans allow for higher values and reduced interest rates in comparison to standard home loans, with more favorable terms.

  • Can I get loans for doctors and medical professionals if I have existing student loans?

    Having existing student loans or debts does not necessarily disqualify you from obtaining a doctor loan. Lenders understand that medical professionals may have substantial education-related debts and consider these factors when assessing your loan application. However, your overall financial situation will be taken into account during the evaluation process.

  • How is the home loan application handled?
    Our specialist Mortgage Brokers make it easy for you. We handle almost everything for you. First, we give you a verbal, informal pre-approval that you’re in a financial position that banks and specialist lending companies will approve. Our mortgage brokers can usually give you an answer within 60 minutes. We then compare all medical lending institutions and find a loan deal that gives doctors and medical profession workers the best benefits. We’ll present you with loan offer options and make a recommendation of whom to borrow from. We then submit your application.
  • What are the loan options as doctor as well as a first home buyer with student debt?
    There is still an eligibility criteria required, but even though you’re a doctor with significant student debt, your profession is given benefits. For example, you’ll avoid LMI fees, even though you might have a low deposit. you’ll get preferential interest rates on home loans, which leads to lower loan repayments. It’s best to talk to our Medical Loan Brokers at the time that you’re starting to think about purchasing a property and they’ll talk you through your best options.